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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sweet Dreams

Tajuk : Sweet Dreams
Format: PDF
Harga :RM3
A Halle Pumas story.
Getting attacked by some crazed she-devil, complete with claws and fangs, certainly wasn-t on Rebecca Yaeger-s agenda when she agreed to attend a local masquerade. In a few slashing moments, Becky learns things about her friends and the man she loves that she never would have suspected.
When Simon rescues Becky from an unprovoked attack by one of his Pride, he finally confirms what he-s long suspected: she-s his mate. Carrying her off to his home and dressing her wounds gives him the chance he-s been waiting for-to taste her and mark her as his. And she-s far sweeter than anything, or anyone, he-s ever had before.
Just as their problems seem a thing of the past, a strange illness begins to haunt Becky, threatening to turn their sweet dreams into a nightmare.

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